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Your logo design represents your company it defines your company’s identity and its purpose and is an integral part of your company’s brand strategy. As a professional logo design firm in Los Angeles, our approach behind designing a memorable logo involves a process which progresses through systematic stages of interviewing, research, development, feedback and fine tuning.

Ultimately, our impactful logo design becomes the foundation for all of the infinite marketing possibilities which represent your company’s brand image. And, through repeat viewings, your new logo design will provide a powerful opportunity for building brand value and brand loyalty.

Step 1: The Design Brief

The design brief is basically a question and answer session with the client regarding their company, its mission, values and beliefs. Along with a company profile, we will discuss the logo objectives, the target market, and the visual perception and primary message the logo is intended to convey.

Creative brief for the Keahuolu Community logo design

The Keahuolu Mission:

Being a part of the Keahuolu community means you are apart of the Queen’s Trust. It is your duty to inspire wisdom in others. It is your duty to take care of the children, to teach them so that they can pass down and share the communities common heritage, traditions and beliefs.

The Queen’s Trust lands are more than holdings. They are the living legacy of the Queen. The Trust breathe her believes, choices, honor and righteousness. The trust is a legacy, a Hawaiian Institution. Remember the Queen the way she would want to be remembered.

  1. Create a warm and inviting brand identity for the Keahuolu Community.
  2. Reflect the Queen Lili’uokalani Trust mission and goals.
  3. Aspire to capture the development plans, cultural significance, historical reflection, physical attributes and sensitivity of the current community.
  4. Create a classic mark with timeless attributes.
  5. Create a brand that thoughtfully and emotionally reflects key corporate strategies.
  • The Queen’s favorite flower: Crown Flower
  • The Queen’s favorite color: Purple
  • The Queen’s motto: Be steadfast / stand firm, Hawaii for the Hawaiian.

Step 2: Research & Competitive Analysis

In this step we research the target audience, competitive market, color and typeface usage and industry trends.
What works and what does not work? What are some memorable marks in the competitive market?

Step 3: Creative Concepts

This is the beginning of the creative process where we use informal sketching, mind mapping and word association to explore as many ideas as possible. The sketchpad is a unrestricted conceptual playground where an idea can be explored and subjected to the immediacy of subconscious thought.


Step 4: Design Execution

In this step we select the best creative directions and begin prototyping the logo as computer generated art. Particular attention is paid to logo recognition in a small size. A well designed logo should be readable in black and white at one inch size or less. At this stage we also begin to explore preliminary typeface and color options.

Logo Design Case Study Concepts

Step 5: Presentation & Client Feedback

The client is presented with the three best logo directions for review. We discuss the thought and meaning that is conveyed by each logo and client feedback is elicited. In this step the client will select the primary logo or direction that they feel is most appropriate for the brand image that they wish to convey.

Step 6: Design Revision

With the client feedback, we continue to refine the logo design which may include further design, typeface and color explorations. We continue to present logo variations and design refinements until the client is satisfied with the final logo treatment.


Step 7: Final Logo Approval

The client is presented with any final refinement of the selected logo. The final logo is selected and the client approves and signs off on the selected logo design.

Step 8: Production Art

Based on the final identity design, mechanical artwork is generated and a basic style and color guide is produced. Final vector artwork in electronic format is provided in black and white and color. The files can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. The style guide provides specifications for color print matching and online use (Pantone, CMYK and RGB format).