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Building a Personal Brand

7 Steps for Building a Personal Brand

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For many professionals it’s important and even essential to build a personal brand. Building a personal brand positions you as a leader, sets you apart from the competition and helps you get better clients or a better job. But what exactly is a personal brand? And how do you...
Brand Personality

Discover Your Brand Personality In Just 2 Steps

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Have you ever thought about how people think about your brand and what emotions and feelings they associate with your brand and its products and services? You see, deep down people want to connect with people, not products or services, so they have a tendency to create an...
Measuring the value of design

Measuring The Value of Design

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In these days of tightening budgets we see many businesses seeking to justify the expense of a brand or packaging redesign. The question that is often asked is how do you measure the value of design, or even better, the return on investment for a branding or packaging redesign...
Mobius Packaging Design Awards in LA

Creative Packaging Design From The Mobius Awards in Los Angeles

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We were recently honored to be invited to judge the packaging design entries for the Mobius Awards in Los Angeles. Mobius Awards is one of the oldest international packaging design competitions in the world having been established in 1971. Each year the design competition...

Giving Thanks

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For this upcoming holiday season we are providing gift boxes to less fortunate children around the world. These gift boxes will be donated to underprivileged kids throughout Latin America, Asia and Africa during the holidays. It was an incredible experience for the BYStudio team...
Los Angeles Small Business Marketing Tips

Presenting Small Business Marketing Tips at the LA Small Business Expo

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BYStudio recently offered their small business marketing tips at the Los Angeles Small Business Expo, an annual event in downtown Los Angeles which provides workshops and resources for small business owners to build their business and operate more effectively. As the nation’s...

Is The Hillary Clinton Logo Inspiring or a Dud? What Do You Think?

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Let’s face it, your logo design says a lot about your business brand image. If your logo is simple and lacks personality your brand image may generate negative connotations in the consumer’s mind no matter how much value your business provides. On the other hand, a well designed...

Clever, quirky packaging design ideas for April Fool’s Day.

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Our motto is that packaging should always pop off the shelf! Here is a selection of fun and quirky package designs for April Fools day that bring a smile to our faces. Are you ready to break some boundaries and get creative with your packaging design? If so, give us a call, we...

7 Important Branding Tips For Small Businesses

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I was recently honored to participate as a judge providing small business branding tips to young entrepreneurs at Project Echo’s 11th annual business plan semi-finals competition. Project ECHO (Entrepreneurial Concepts Hands-On) collaborates with young entrepreneurs throughout...

Pantone Marsala – A New Addition to Your Packaging Design Color Palettes for 2015?

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Drum roll, please … the Pantone color for 2015 is Pantone Marsala. Pantone, known to designers everywhere for their industry standard Pantone Matching System (PMS) used in print shops all over the world, has just released their color for 2015 – Marsala. Strikingly...